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Iizuka Hospital
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Medical and health care

Aso Group is committed to provide quality care for health and welfare of local communities with its ceaseless involvement in medical care, nursing care and rehabilitation. The Group offers seamless comprehensive services with the aim of achieving quality medical care and sustainable management of hospitals.

Aso Group operates medical facilities that offer a variety of services including:

  • acute-care general hospitals,
  • long-term-care hospitals,
  • traditional Chinese medicine clinic,
  • nursing homes,
  • nursing care centers and other medical facilities

The Group also offers high-quality services related to health, medical care, and welfare through:

  • hospital management consulting,
  • medical IT solution,
  • medical waste recycling,
  • mental health care and employee assistance programs,
  • group-purchasing consulting,
  • medical staffing,
  • pharmacies and
  • medical facility management and maintenance services

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